Where to buy surplus paint

Buying surplus paint will save you on average £4-5 a litre compared to purchasing new paint.  The environmental impact can also be felt with a reduction of 2.4kg of C02 emissions per litre used.

Surplus paint is available from the following locations – from £1 per litre (suggested donation):

FRP – The Paint Place Shop (open to the general public / home decorations, as well as community groups & trade)

FRP Centre
2c Bakers Avenue (off Hoe Street, near Bakers Arms)
London E17 9AW
020 8539 3856

Open: Tuesday to Thursday 10am-4pm
Friday to Saturday 10am-6pm
Closed: Monday and Sunday

FRP – The Paint Place Re-use Project (open to the general public / home decorations, as well as community groups & trade)

Unit 7 The Sidings (off Hainault Road, near Leyton Midland Road overground station)
London E11 1HD
020 8539 9076 (please leave a message)

Open: Tuesday- Friday 10am – 4.30pm
Closed: Saturday, Sunday and Monday

If you would like to make an enquiry prior to visiting please leave a message and a member of staff will get back to you asap.

Requests for orders can also be made via our request form http://www.frponline.org.uk/projects/paint-request-form/

FRP also have a number of stockists across London where the general public can also purchase paint.

Recycles Ilford

The Salvation Army,
Ilford Corps,
15 Clements Road,
Ilford IG1 1BH
07948 060 473

Chrome & Black

Railway Arch,
8 Gales Gardens,
E2 0EJ
020 7033 4029

FRP stocks:

• Emulsion paint for walls and ceilings (vinyl matt and silk)
• Kitchen and bathroom paint
• Paint for interior and exterior wood and metal (gloss, satinwood and eggshell)
• Undercoats and primers
• Masonry paint for exterior brickwork
• Varnishes and woodstains
• Floor and tile paint

Recycled paint is available in a wide range of colours and sizes – from 750ml to 15 litres.  A range of ‘as new’ paint donated from commercial sources is also available.

We have a high demand for white and magnolia emulsion paint so occasionally have a limited supply of these types of paint. However, we always have a stock of emulsions, glosses, satinwoods and eggshells in a wide range of colours for up to 80% cheaper when compared to buying new paint from commercial DIY stores.

If you are an organisation or individual interested in working in partnership to sell Recycled paint supplied by FRP, please contact paint@frponline.org.uk or 020 8539 9076 to discuss potential ways we could collaborate.

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  1. Christine Hallworth

    I have just been commissioned to paint donated furniture which is then sold on to the.public through a chain of charity shops. Am I eligible to buy paint from you?

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