Volunteer case studies

 Bruce’s Story

Bruce came to FRP in April 2017. He appeared to be quite quiet and nervous. He was at a tricky time in life in between university and finding a job.

I was feeling really low and had no confidence in myself. It was hard to apply for jobs because I didn’t believe anyone would want to take me on.”

Bruce joined in our food growing and conservation work. His confidence slowly began to pick up. Soon, he was being given more responsibility in the group and his talents for leadership began to emerge.

“After a couple of months the Green Gym offered me the chance to be a Volunteer Officer. At first, I was like, you want me to run the group? But then I realised I could do it and that people actually listened to me and even asked me for advice!”

Bruce has since gone on to get a job, but still makes sure he has time to spend outside with nature.


Volunteer case study: Keith

Keith is the longest standing volunteer at FRP and has given his time to many of the roles which are necessary for the smooth running of FRP. He enjoys working as a driver’s mate and reclaimed paint warehouse assistant.

Keith said: ‘If I wasn’t volunteering I wouldn’t be getting up early in the morning. Talking to customers about recycling different things is good for myself and people around me. It’s good for me to be busy and travel a bit and meet different people’.

Keith has fully benefited from FRP’s partnerships with other local environmental organisations. Our one-to-one review sessions to talk about his experience at FRP and find out what most interests him, has led Keith to successfully complete an NVQ level 1 in horticulture through OrganicLea at Hawkwood Plant Nursery.

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