What we do

  • The Paint Place: FRP collects surplus, leftover paint from Re-use & Recycling Centres and commercial companies. The paint is then sorted, quality-checked, re-mixed if need be, and sold as a value alternative to new paint, particularly for lower income customers, community groups and not-for-profit organisations. Please note: We do not accept paint donations from customers.
  • Give or Take: FRP organises community-based waste exchange events for London boroughs, social housing providers, residents groups and other partners. These money free events enable people to give away re-usable things they don’t need or take things they do; they encourage community engagement and divert re-usable goods from going to landfill. We also work with groups in a targeted way to help people overcome disadvantage and develop innovative ways to share skills, goods and time as a means to save money and create sustainable communities.
  • Green Office: FRP collects office paper for recycling from small businesses and not-for-profit organisations within the London Borough of Waltham Forest and adjoining areas. Both a normal and confidential waste paper collection service is provided. We also collect toner cartridges and small amounts of cardboard, and sell 100% recycled, A4 white paper for everyday office use.
  • Volunteering: All FRP projects are supported by volunteers. We provide volunteering opportunities for adults with all levels of skills and experience, including people with mental health problems or disabilities.


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