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FRP collects office paper for recycling from small businesses and not-for-profit organisations within the London Borough of Waltham Forest and adjoining areas. Both a normal and a confidential waste paper collection service are provided. We also collect small amounts of cardboard, and sell 100% recycled, A4 white paper for everyday office use. FRP is a registered waste carrier, no. GTL/369248.

Why recycle paper?

  • Reduces waste so that less landfill sites and incinerators are needed
  • Reduces the use of energy, water and chemicals in the paper manufacturing process

Why buy recycled paper?

  • Reduces the need for virgin resources i.e. saves trees
  • Makes use of waste paper
  • The more people buy recycled paper, the cheaper it becomes
  • Recycling of paper only works if people are willing to use recycled paper

Our catchment area is:

  • All of Waltham Forest
  • Most of Hackney, Newham and Redbridge
  • Parts of Tower Hamlets, Haringey, Enfield and Epping Forest.

Interested in using our services, call 0208 539 3856 to recieve a quote.

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