If you are interested in FRP delivering a community mural using reclaimed paint, email Alice Cunningham for more information.

Testimonials for murals delivered by FRP:

E5 Bakehouse – Hackney

Lady Eve Community Garden had been considering repainting the brick wall of our garden and inviting an artist to decorate it for some time. When we learnt about Alice and FRP we were really excited and got in touch. The process exceeded all of our expectations. From our initial contact a meeting was quickly arranged. The engagement process with local community members drew out what kind of images we would like to see on the wall. Proposed images we issued at a subsequent meeting, where a final decision was made, and shortly afterwards we had a beautifully painted wall to enjoy.

The whole process was considerate, well managed and delivered without delay. The whole experience was inspiring and it was a pleasure to work with such an environmentally and socially positive organisation.

Ben MacKinnon, Founder E5 Bakehouse

1st Avenue – Newham

The mural looks fantastic and makes the site that extra special. Thank you to FRP for all the hard work and commitment.

Cllr Forhad Hussain, Community Lead Councillor, Plaistow

Manor Park Community Garden – Newham

By arranging for artists to paint a mural at our community garden just as it is starting to get going, the Forest Recycling Project have really helped to kick start the garden and turn it into something concrete not just an idea. The garden exists now thanks to the mural and it will inspire us to continue to work to make our ideas a reality.

Michael Webb, Resident and Chair of the Manor Park Community Garden

William Paton Community Garden – Newham

I would like to thank you and the ladies for all the hard work that was put into doing this mural. It has changed the look of the site from the gate. This has added a bright burst of colour during these colder blander months when the garden won’t have much colour, and provided interest in the garden during the winter months. This has added to the uniqueness of our site and given a positive impression of community, the fact that a child’s design has been painted onto the container also showing that the garden is a place for everyone of all ages.

Dawn Lang, Resident and Chair of the William Paton Community Garden

Gascoigne Children’s Centre – Barking

Thanks a million for the paints, varnish and for all your help. As for my testimonial all I can say is thanks to you and your team my idea of a mural became a reality and thus leading to some more artistic projects in the future.

Maria Hogdon, Gascoigne Children’s Centre

Dorset Road – Newham

The Dorset Road community group were delighted with the mural on the container. As there hasn’t been much progress with the growing of veg/flowers yet, thanks to the Forest Recycling Project the mural on the container made the garden look exciting and welcoming. Also as this was done free of cost, the group are very happy with the Council and Forest Recycling Project as they were a newly formed group and didn’t have much funding, they are feeling really positive to move forward.

Zainab Shaikh, Community Leaders & Engagement Officer, Community Leaders & Engagement Team, Newham Council

Groundwork Tranform Project – numerous sites

Thanks again for your amazing art work on this project, I’ll certainly keep you in mind for future work; I have already recommended you to a group in Greenwich so hopefully something will come out of that soon and other new Edible East sites.

Rosie Hardicker, Transform Project Coordinator, Groundwork

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